Booomtag ® is an NFC (Near Field Communication) chip with information about your product. It is located close to the carabiner on the right side of the harness. By scanning it with your NFC smartphone, you can: 

- Register the product to prove ownership by creating a free Booomtag ® account,

 Provide your emergency contact information (3 SOS/ICE numbers per account)

report if your equipment is stolen or lost and the person who finds the equipment can contact you. A change of ownership can only be registered with your consent,

Access to documents and technical information such as user manuals,

 Receive important information about the product
(tips, safety notices, etc.),

 Upload the product invoice so you'll never lose it.


The StayUp 2.0, the Suspender 2.0 and the Taillefer D are the first NEO products to incorporate a Booomtag® chip.